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Nonnutritive Sucking Habits

Penatalaksanaan Bedah Update dengan Penyulit Sistemik : Kelainan sistem pembekuan darah, Diabetes dan Hipertensi

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Planning and Making Crowns and Bridges, 4th Edition


password: smile4Dr



* Preface and Introduction
* Chapter 1 Diagnosing, Treatment Planning, Temporizing
* Chapter 2 The Proximo-Occlusal Intra Coronal Inlay Restoration and Direct Wax Pattern Technique
* Chapter 3 Mod Inlay and Onlay Restorations
* Chapter 4 Tissue Management, Impression Technique using Reversible Agar Hydrocolloid and Completing Temporary Restoration
* Chapter 5 fabrication of stone die, orientation of working models and controlled waxing procedures
* Chapter 6 controlled investing and casting procedure
* Chapter 7 treating the casting, sedating the pulp, finishing and cementing the restoration
* Chapter 8 The Full Veneer Finish Line Crown Restoration
* Chapter 9 The Full Veneer Finish Line Crown used in Combination with Porcelain for Cosmetic Restoration
* Chapter 10 The Three-Quarter Crown and Other Partial Veneer Crown Restorations
* Chapter 11 The Use of Small Diameter Pins for Retention in the Design of Anterior and Prosterior Restorations
* Chapter 12 Occlusal I and Class V Inlay Preparations, Procedures For Wax Pattern, Finishing and Cementation
* Chapter 13 A Method For Improving Excellence of Cast Restorations Through Use of the Lava Testing Die
* Chapter 14 Tooth Form and Function
* Conclusion


password : smile4Dr

Jumat, 19 Juni 2009

Dental Jurnal 5

Launches Search for Healthy Smile

Forward Thinking

Dentistry Managed Care

Informed Consent and Professional Liability

Immigrant Families Changing the Face of America
And Delivery of Health Care Services

to Improve Oral Health Status of Children
Enrolled in Head Start in New York City

Oral Side Effects of Isotretinoin Chronic Intake

Sinus Graft Complications

Hidden Occlusal Caries
Challenge for the Dentist

Treatment of Peri-implant Defect with
Modified Sandwich Bone Augmentation

The Use of Resorbable Hardware for
Fixation of Pediatric Mandible Fracture

Prosthodontic Management of Patient with
Cleft Lip/Palate Using Maxillary Overdenture
and Swing-Lock Attachment Mechanism

Oral Lichen Planus

Dental Jurnal 4

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
An Important and Evolving Specialty in Dentistry

Evolution of a Dental Implant Practice
The Camlog Implant System

Role of Computerized Tomography in Management
of Impacted Mandibular Third Molars

Orofacial Infections in the 21st Century

Hugo Obwegeser: Forty Years Later

A Residency Made Me a Better Dentist

Dental Jurnal 3

Access to Dental Careand a New Ninth Committee
Changing DemographicsDental Patients Reflect Rise in Minority Population

The Case for Change in Dental Education
A Few Good FacultyInspiring and Preparing Contemporary Dental Educators

Community-Based Dental EducationCurrent Models, Perspectives, Recommendations
Mandibular Shifting to Obtain Oral Visibility

Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Combined Orthognathic-Orthodontic Approach Assessed by Nocturnal Polysomnography

Various Root Abnormalities Report of Three Cases

Expanded Indicationsfor Combo Ceramic Onlays/Inlays

Epilepsy in the Dental OfficeConcern, Care and Management

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